The Mondetta Clothing Company

During a record-setting snowstorm on the cold Canadian Prairies, two sets of brothers stranded in a basement decide to make a little history of their own by starting a company called Mondetta in Winnipeg, Manitoba. At that time, circa 1986, telecommunications were improving by leaps and bounds, the Berlin Wall would soon collapse and shortly thereafter, a war would erupt on our television screens as CNN beamed live images of missiles illuminating the skies over Baghdad, depicting real-time reality. The world was shrinking and almost in an instant we became citizens of a global village. To reflect the changes we were witnessing, we coined the name 'Mondetta' by combining the French word for 'world', monde and the Latin suffix for 'small', etta to form 'small world'.

Initially based out of our parents' basement and selling our homemade t-shirts from a push cart at the beach, we started small and slowly. Two years later, the idea for the flag shirt was born after Ash saw a German flag affixed to the front of a Volkswagen Beetle and thus, a fashion revolution began. Global consciousness as fashion statement took flight, momentum was gained and soon Mondetta earned an industry-wide reputation for its exceptionally designed and manufactured product.

The Mondetta message of cultural diversity was forged from our own experiences. Born in East Africa but forced out by Ugandan dictator Idi Amin, we found refuge in Canada. Arriving virtually penniless, we came to experience first-hand a multicultural upbringing in a country that by celebrating diversity, best exemplified the idea of a global village. Over the nearly 25 year history of Mondetta our message has remained the same, advocating global harmony in a world undivided with the simple, yet powerful company slogan, "A Spirit of Unification".

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