Social Compliance

Mondetta Runway Global conducts its business in a socially responsible manner by committing itself to align with business partners based on standards that ensure the safety and well-being of workers in a respectful and ethical environment. In this regard, Mondetta Runway Global engages in business with partners who endorse a certain standard of operating standards, and will only do business with those organizations that demonstrate a commitment to protecting workers' rights and improving working conditions under the provisions set out in the Mondetta Runway Global Social Compliance Code of Conduct:

  • Employment Standards
  • Health & Safety Standards
  • Transshipments
  • Facility Audits

Mondetta Runway Global is a multicultural company with a strong allegiance to many different cultures and ethnic backgrounds, which means we must be respectful and sensitive to all our team members. Factory compliance as well as work, health and safety standards are meticulously detailed and daily communication with offices and factories around the globe ensure these guidelines are met or exceeded at all MRG facilities.