Our Core Mission

Mondetta Runway Global’s mission is to become a value-added supplier to retailers by designing and developing innovative products through both branded and private label opportunities. As a vertical operation managing complex supply-chain processes off-shore, we strive to deliver the highest quality of products at unexpected price points while maintaining ethical and honest business practices in a socially compliant network of facilities.

Our Core Strategy

As a vertically integrated operation, we develop apparel concepts for multiple categories while housing the tools and facilities required in carrying each concept through to successful fruition. With offices in Canada, the United States, a vertical facility in China, along with design, sales, and marketing support offices in Hong Kong, we control and support a “front-to-back end” core strategy that eliminates the need for third party agents, designers, and marketing strategists, who all come at extra costs. In addition, via software innovation, we are dedicated to finding solutions to traditional garment manufacturing challenges that hinder a retailer’s ability to have “real speed to market.”

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