Mondetta Runway Global - A Vertical Advantage

Mondetta Runway Global, created through a partnership between Mondetta and Runway Global, is able to leverage and deliver completely vertically integrated solutions for private label programs.

The retail industry has, at face value, witnessed the collapse of traditional supply-chain channels wherein agents and/or middlemen, once bridging the gap between factories and retailers, no longer exist. Though the change has been rather abrupt, it has made the transparency from all aspects of design, product development, speed to market, logistics, and social compliance muddled and unclear. Mondetta Runway Global, through pursuing both brand and private label opportunities abroad, has established a fully vertical operation comprised of each step in the production process.

We have created a “retail ready” system that allows retailers to focus on what they do best: merchandise retail products conducive to the wants and needs of their target market. On the other hand, we focus on what we do best: managing the design and manufacturing of niche products within a sophisticated supply chain network. We have to earn the trust and confidence of every customer we serve and the only way to do so is by building a standardized business model that allows retailers to experience a pattern of repeated success season after season, which in turn has been a key factor for success in Mondetta Runway Global’s operation.