Mondetta Runway Global

The Private Label Process

Our Product Development Cycle

A full integration of processes implies that several systems work together to form a singular, high quality, expected result. Mondetta Runway Global’s processes have been reviewed and adjusted for just that – a fully capable network of communications, design, strategy and garment manufacturing. This network extends from the minute details of trims and notions, fabric sourcing and properties to the upper reaches of branding, marketing and multi-media promotional materials.

This system is available to all private label clients and provides a guarantee of complete control over every aspect of apparel design, production and distribution. It’s a unique strategy setting Mondetta Runway Global apart in the private label design and manufacturing industry. It’s also a successful strategy, passing the benefits of saved cost and time to all clients.

    PHASE 1: New Development

  • Sales
  • Customers’ needs and objectives are identified
  • Trend & product analysis is shared with customer
  • Product range is presented to customer
  • Representative is involved
  • Customers’ compliance/production/timelines evaluated
  • Price/product positioning is evaluated
  • Development Strategy
  • Product development team is assigned
  • New development team is engaged for design objectives
  • Brand strategy team is engaged for development of trims/notions
  • Establish time action path for program
  • Pricing strategy is applied
  • Customers’ needs are clarified

    PHASE 2: Implementation, Production & Execution

  • Technical Design Team
  • Garment specs packages are prepared
  • Program information is entered into integrated software system
  • Program details are reviewed with factory
  • Trims, Notions & Fabric
  • Fabrics are approved and selected
  • Lab dips are created and approved
  • Trims & notions are created and approved
  • Testing and evaluating of fabrics and accessories
  • Fit Specialists & Specs
  • Fit sample is created and approved until it meets customer’s satisfaction
  • Fit is monitored using our patented form-fitting process
  • Pre-production sample is created for customer’s approval

    PHASE 3: Production & Delivery

  • Cut & Sew
  • Garment is cut, sewn & manufactured
  • All of our factories meet social compliance requirements
  • Factories are chosen per expertise
  • Quality Assurance
  • Inline inspections are conducted
  • Pre-production samples are approved
  • A final quality inspection of production (optional third party)
  • Shipment sample sent to customer for approval
  • Logistics
  • Shipping schedule is monitored to meet delivery date
  • Customer is notified
  • Broad range of delivery and logistics options available